• Safest Level of Alcohol Consumption Does Not Exist, Study Says

    Safest level of alcohol consumption does not exist. According to a thorough global study of alcohol use and its effect on health, the safest level of drinking is zero. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 has examined consumption levels and its impact on health during 1990–2016 in 195 countries. The research published in the […]

  • UAE ADNOC Distribution Is On Track To Achieve More Expansion In Saudi Arabia

    UAE ADNOC Distribution is on track to achieve more expansion in Saudi Arabia as it is making good progress on its plans, according to the firm. Deputy chief executive of ADNOC Distribution, the United Arab Emirates’ oil giant, said on Monday that a lot of things regarding its expansion plans are ready to appear. CEO […]

  • Stress And Anxiety Help People In Dealing With Bad News

    Stress and anxiety help people in dealing with bad news, according to a new research.  It states that stressed or anxious people cope better with bad news. This new UCL-led study sheds light on depression and extends discovery that states pressure is sometimes a good thing. Published in The Journal of Neuroscience, it’s a Wellcome-funded research. “Generally, […]